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Peer Advocacy

Posted: 6/13/2011

During the 2009-10 school year, 15 seventh graders from Watertown Mayer Middle School addressed the issue of bullying head on. This "peer advocate" group, which included students in special education, collaborated to speak out about bullying, raise awareness of the issue, and make a difference in their school. The students received training from PACER Center on the issue, and were given tips about what to do if they saw another student in a bullying situation. "Bullying is an issue that affects so many students," said Julie Hertzog, PACER's Bullying Prevention Project Director who assisted the group. "But when kids who see the bullying-the bystanders-step in, they can make a significant difference in reducing bullying."

In a survey of the peer advocates, all recommended that other schools adopt peer advocacy programs.  "This experience has open my eyes and changed the way I think about people," one student said.

By: Watertown Mayer 7th Grade Students

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