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Don't Bully, Be A Friend

Posted: 6/13/2011

Pete Scampavia, a young man with multiple disabilities, completed this bullying prevention video "DON'T BULLY, BE A FRIEND" as his Eagle Scout project. Pete wanted the message to be from kids to kids because "Sometimes we just don't want to listen when adults go on and on about something."
This video is near and dear to Pete's heart. "I did my Bullying Prevention project because I was tired of my friends getting bullied. So I decided do a video on how to stop bullying".The message of the video is to ask you, the bystander, to act when you see someone being bullied. In other words, the bystander has a choice to make: Don't bully, be a friend. Pete's friends, fellow scouts, and volunteers from the Arc of Northern Virginia stepped in as actors in this video, with professional assistance from the Arlington Media Center of Arlington Public Schools.

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Watch the YouTube Video, "Don't Bully, Be A Friend"

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