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It's Not Fair

Posted: 10/17/2011

My sister and I have always been kind of awkward and odd people. However, we are treated very differently among our peers. In high school, I was the sweet girl that everyone liked. I was awkward and goofy and I think people thought I was unique and they loved that about me. I always had friends and I was always smiling. I don't ever remember being unhappy.

My sister was the happiest little kid. She was always smiling. It was't until middle school when she started to all of a sudden express sadness through her clothing. She only wore black. That was supposedly her favorite color. My mom would watch her walk home some days and some kids would pick on her. She is the out spoken girl and awkward and goofy, but kids didn't like that about her. In high school the bullying became secretive. Girls used the website as easy access to bully her. They would call her anorexic, annoying and so on. Once girls in high school felt they could get stomp on my sister even more, they used as a way to bully her. They would torment her. At school, they would trip her.

My sister and I have the same personalities. My peers embraced my personality. Her peers, they have bullied her into the hospital. My sister was diagnosed with depression and was rushed to the hospital due to cutting herself several times deeply. She is currently in a rehab facilitation.

What satisfaction do people get out of bullying? Is it fun? I will never understand.

By: Anonymous

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