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Just Like All the Other Kids Do

Posted: 11/4/2011

My name is Ryan and I have been a target for the past year of bullying. 

I started high school and was mistaken for another kid and attacked by two seniors. 

They were charged in court but the school administration did nothing, after I was attacked these two boys and their friends bullyed me for another 5 months. My mom and I continued to report it, but they did nothing. In fact the boys that bullyed melaughed at me and said "no one gives a ___ about you, they don't care ____."

Now we don't report it anymore because it causes more trouble than good.  Those two boys graduated but they still have friends at the school and it has gotten so bad that I am quitting school. I have had alot of suicidal thoughts. My family and myself decided after almost a year of this I should just quit. 

We plead with the County Board of Education to allow me to move to another school and they continually turned us down even with three doctors recommendations that I should be moved out of the school. They still said no.

I really do not want to have to quit school. I want to go to school and have friends and work on projects, go to football games,the prom just like all other kids do. But, I guess I just can do that stuff.  I am completely mentally broken at this point and can not take it anymore

I feel like I am about to snap on someone at that school and I need to remove myself from this situation before I get in trouble.  The biggest problem I have had is the administration at the school. They are just as bad, if not worse than the kids who bully me.

By: Ryan in NC

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