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When I was in 6th Grade

Posted: 12/2/2011

So when I was in 6th grade, I was like very smart and had an answer for almost every question.

And so one day, some people, who I thought were my friends started copying me and founded the "nerd-army" with me as their leader. That hurt rather deep. Moreover, they didn't stop there, they created a website "in my honour" where they greatly announced me to be the uber-nerd, saying that I was only learning at home and stuff like that.

Yep, that took the little self-esteem I had away and burnt a deep hole into my soul. Of course I told someone and they where punished but still . . . I pretty much never answer in class by now and my marks in school sure suffered from that incident . . . which is 5 years in the past by now. Lacking self-esteem, my only friends are on the internet, scattered across the world. I don't have many real-life contacts.

Wow, I feel somehow stupid telling you all this. Thinking "Why would anyone be interested?"

But anyways, I'm gonna send it now.

Kind regards from Germany

By: Dennis

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