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Instead of Cutting

Posted: 12/2/2011

When i was in 6th grade, i was a victim of bullying. Girl would beat me up, make fun of me, and verbally abuse me. I started Cutting myself, multiple times a day, and i couldnt tell anyone. I finally told my best friend, Samantha (Brooklyn), and she told me that i needed to find a different way to express my pain. I started writing músic, and becoming a Demi Lovato mega fan (Lovatic). I understood everything she said in her songs." Skyscraper" is an amazing life changing song, that makes me believe in myself more and more everytime i hear it.

Demi Lovato:
Demi, you are an inspiring, talented amazing young girl and i truly adore you. Thank-you for helping me with my diffucult time.

PACER organization and everyone that helped to make this site:
Thank you all, for fighting against bullying. Being a person who was hurt by bullying, it means alot. What you are doing is amazing. You are all helping so many people. I sincerely thank you.

Everyone who is a victim of bullying, or a suspect, words do hurt. I encourage you to try in all of your power, to make a change.

By: Michelle

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