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Posted: 12/20/2011

"Do you know what bullying is?" My nephew asked. I was in shock to know that a 3 years old kid had asked me about that. If you are a victim and you are reading this don’t think that you are the only one that is going through this, I did, and many others do. I thought I was not worthless for anyone, and I actually thought about suicide. I had a “Friend” that would always tell me that I was ugly, that the guys only looked at her, that I was fat, and that I needed to stop smiling.

She would always miss treat me and make me do things for her and if I didn’t do it she would yell at me, hit me, and embarrass me in front of others. One day I told her that I liked a guy and she told me that he already asked her out to make me feel bad. I panicked and felt like no one would ever need me and started to think about suicide. I now realize that if my nephew had not asked me about it, I would have done something stupid. There is someone out there that cares about us and if we do something stupid, we will hurt them really bad.

By: Yarima

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