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Posted: 12/20/2011

Teachers used to always say if you're picked on and someone calls you names just tell them, "Stick and stones may break my back but words will never hurt me." But, it's actually false. Teaching children that type of a saying will only teach the children to learn violence and how does the teacher even know for sure that the student isn't really mentally damaged because of those cruel rumors spread about them? What if those rumors were the cause of the shyness, the loneliness and the feelings of actually believing the lies? Teachers are trying to teach the child, get them ready for the future, get them to know the feeling of reality, but when the student finally connects two and two, the student is told that tattling isn't good.

Not only is bullying an epidemic but it also seems to be spreading all over, even on the internet. Cyber bullying occurs when students get social network systems by which others can add them and go through their things. First they pretend to be your friends and once they're close enough to you, they know your secrets and they tell the world, or if not that then, they spread rumors about you. Rumors can hurt.

By: Yang

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