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Bring It Up To The World!

Posted: 12/30/2011

Hi, my name is Aleisha. I am now 14 and have been bullied since I was a little girl at age 7 or 8.

The bullying still continues.

Boys and girls my age and older pick on me about my weight, how I dress, who I hang out with, etc.. They just tease me about the smallest things. I hide from it. I still go to school but I try to avoid seeing or going near the girls and boys that bully me. When they bully me they call me fat, stinky, emo, cutter, useless, lesbian, bisexual, lard a**, piggy, twin towers, and a lot more... they make noises at me, push me, laugh at me, and then involve more people and get a whole group out on me. They take away my friends. I always ask what do I do to them?

My sister used to go to counseling about her mom. I would go with her with my mom and watch. I never liked going or the thought of going. I've told my mom a couple times about my bullying problem. She advices me to go to counseling. I deny the offer. After watching what my sister went through I didn't want to go. I still don't want to go. I see the pain in my mom's eyes as she watches me get hurt but I can't do anything to stop or at least I thought. We tried ever since I was younger to go and tell the school principle and the teachers. It don't help or make it stop.

I get threatened if I tell someone. I believe everything they say is true and I hate myself for it. One day I got really fed up with it and cut myself. After that I never done it again. Sometimes I think about it but I search on the internet and look at Demi. She is my role model and my biggest fan. Everytime I look at her or watch her videos or listen to her songs I forget about it and I forget about the world. Someday when im bullied ill hold it in for so long then I just break down and cry. Sometimes I feel like running out of the classroom to get away from it but I'm to afraid that I'll get in trouble by my teachers. To this day I cry almost everynight because of bullying. Its hard because you basically loose everything. I have recently found to conclusion that my cousin is a bully towards me. I always thought she was joking around but now she does it so much it hurts and I'm afraid that if I bring it up to her she will hate me.

I only have 2 real friends and they help me. They stick up for me but afterwards I tell them not to bother because then they will get bullied too. They always disagree and say that they don't care and still defend me and I love them for that. The 2 of them are the only ones that know most of my secrets except a few. They help me but I still cry and feel like what the bullies call me.

The saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" I don't believe in that saying because words do hurt. They tear you to shreds. My mom tells me to ignore them, that's the key. But it's hard to ignore them. How do you ignore someone whos constantly bullying you. Every minute every second every hour every day?

Bullying is hard and sometimes is and isn't to prevent. The best thing to do is go tell some. Make it public. Bring it up to the world. I know I will because soon I will be going to try out for the tv show Americas Got talent. And I need the most confidence I can get. Bullying may seem wrong to some people. I will tell you something right now. It IS wrong. Stop it. Stand up and tell them it's not okay to bully. Stand up for the person being bullied. Don't go a join the bullies. The bullies may be your friends. Don't be afraid to be against them then they will realize they lost an amazing friends. That they lost you. If you are being bullied and it won't stop. Go and tell. Take it to court. In some states bullying and cyber bullying is illegal. If its not illegal in your state suggest it and see if they will prevent that. And more than likely they will. I have been bullied my whole life and haven't really done anything to stop it but that don't mean you should follow what I or many others do. In all do not forget to BE YOURSELF NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE!

By: Aleisha

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