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Someone Is Willing To Listen

Posted: 1/10/2012

When you hear the word bullying you oftenthink of those stories when there's a group of kids picking on one lonely victim. Kids being mean. But in my story, it looks a whole lot different.

In my story I'm a nine year old girl in school. I have many friends that I love and having a great time with. Cause, you see, the person who is mean to me is not a child. She is a grown up. She's my grown up teacher.

The abuse started the second trimesterof third grade (when I first got her as my teacher) and continued on to sixth grade, it didn't really help telling a teacher. They didn't believe me, a little kid, why would they? I remember thinking that maybe I was exaggerating and that it was all in my head.
She could not have been bullying me because she wanted to be in control. Cause, let's face it, as an adult and as my teacher she sort of already was.

By the time I was ten and started fourth grade I was a mess inside. I was now eally depressed and struggled with that alone in secerecy. And also, I recall having suicidal thoughts. As the two following years of Primary School went on I was still struggling depression. I had started self harming as coping mechanism, but I'm not sure at exactly what age though. Now, looking back at seventh grade, I see that my relationship with food was gradually worsening. And without myself noticing at first, I had developed an eating disorder during seventh grade as another way of coping with my issues.

Now I am seventeen years old and studying music. I am in recovery of my EDNOS and self harm. I am at the time being diagnosed as bipolar and also getting help for that.

When Demi Lovato came out with her story last year she saved me, literally saved me. She showed me that you can recover and rise above whatever troubles lies upon you. And more importantly, that it is worth fighting for. Now that I have been saved, I want to save those who are suffering right now. Demi saved me with her story and now I can maybe save someone with mine.

Bullying can cause so many problems. It is NEVER okay. So for anyone that is being bullied right now or has been bullied. It is not your fault! If you are hurting it's not all in your head and you're not exaggerating. You have the right to be happy just as anybody else. And if you are dealing with any of the problems I was, please speak up and get help. Don't be afraid, there is always someone that is willing to listen!

By: Isabella

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