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Each And Every One of Us Is Beautiful

Posted: 1/10/2012

Every day i look around the world and i see people being bullied and people getting into fights I have some of my friends tell me "this person is saying mean things about me online" and I just get tired of it. People make u fell horrible about yourself and tell u things that are not true just so they can bring u down and it's not okay. Sometimes I feel as if when people tease other people and make them feel less of themselves that it's outta jealousy and hate. What bullies post online about one another is senseless. what bullies don't realize when they post nasty comments about somebody's weight or apperience is that It lowers down a persons self image. i hate dealing with all this drama that somedays I just wanna give up and not show up to school. I hate having that Feeling everyday that it's almost like I'm afraid To do certain things because  i'm scared of what people may Think. i am a regular human being and no matter what I always tell myself and my friends that "each and every one of us are beautiful no matter what anyone says and to never let the fear of what people will think keep u from playing the game because you are you and no one can ever change that"

By: Alex

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