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Just Like Any Other Small Town School

Posted: 1/10/2012

Well, my school is pretty much like any other small town school. Little drama here, major drama there. But bullies don't usually come around anymore. Me and my friends know how to handle them. even though we aren't the ones being bullied ever. We know that other people are being bullied and we know that other people need our help. We know what repruccussions happen from bullying. Like we haven't seen movies and all these suicide stories about being bullied. Well, my school has one bully who messes with everybody. He is always picking on someone and I just think people should teach him a major lesson. He made a girl cry this morning because he called her a "fat slob". She is one of the skinniest kids in the whole school. Some people get to the point of injuring themselves. The cut themselves and that's not something people schold result to because people don't know how to act. They should stop bullying. We should make it illegal. That is going to be my project this year. "Mae stands up against Bullying!"

By: Madison

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