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I Always Remember

Posted: 1/18/2012

i am a girl from Chicago Illinois but i live in a little town in Mexico when i first got here i was 6 years old since then i been bullied for many reasons:

1 - cause i was born out of marriage
2 - cause my mom is single
3 - cause my skin color is darker than everyones here
4 - cause of my body shape
5 - cause i am really tall
6 - cause i am from USA
7 - cause i wanna be an actress
8 - cause i like to write and share my thoughts
9 - cause i'll like to write a book some day
10 - cause i love to sing

They say that i should go back to where i come from,.

when they started with all that i broke and i'll cry for nothing all day. suicide was always an option in my mind, i din't killed my self cause i though my mother will break down cause she always said i am avery thing she has.

But there was some one that helped me, my best friend.
he is a man we practically grew up together so i love hem so much like a brother, he alway was there and  he started to make me trust and believe in my self.

right now i am in 9 th grade and i work part time in a bullying prevent house.

my best friend turned into my boyfriend and we work together in a bullying prevent campaign

and now i always remember:


By: Alexis

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