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A Sister's Stance

Posted: 10/16/2012

My wonderful little sister is only 11, she will be 12 in November. Back in 2006, we were in a horrible car accident. I received a cracked chest bone and a bruised wrist. My sister though, she hit her head on the back of the seat. The hit on the seat caused a knot on her forehead the size of a goose egg. She had bruising and bleeding in her brain. Shortly after the wreck, she developed a learning disability. We were hit by a drunk driver. It was her first year of Kindergarten and only the first month. At first she loved school, but after the wreck the children started to bully her. They would push her down, scratch her face and chest, call her names and tell her to go die. I was there for her though, when I could I would leave class and go sit in hers. Just to make sure no one would mess with her. But during Christmas Break my dad forced me to move back into his house, four states away. She was alone and scared. The bullying increased and she couldn't handle it anymore. My mother transferred her into a different school, she loved it there. The children were nice to her and they loved her. She felt welcomed and appreciated. But due to issues at home, she was sent back to her previous school. The bullying began once again.

For six years she has been bullied, changed schools almost 12 times. When she was about 8, she tried to commit suicide. She cut her wrists open and tried to bleed out. She was placed into a hospital for a couple of weeks. She still rather be dead than alive and hates my mother for saving her life.

On Friday; October 5th, 2012 she was bullied so badly in class she began to cry her eyes out. Instead of her teacher standing up for her. Her teacher told her to stop crying and distracting the class, she had no reason to cry and needed to be the big girl she was and get over it. My sister is bullied because she is almost 12 years old and only in the 4th grade due to her learning disability. Her teacher apparently likes to bring the fact up. Which makes my sister feel stupid and like she doesn't deserve to live. That weekend she told my mom she wanted to die and what had happened at school. Furious my mother called Florida State to get the problem taken care of. My sister is now enrolled in a virtual homeschooling program where she can learn at her own pace and be safe from her bullies.

Once I found out what had happened on Friday, I was told about wearing an orange shirt the following Wednesday; October 10th, 2012. I went out and bought an orange shirt, iron letters and made a shirt in honor of my sister. On the front of my shirt I had written, "Hope, no one should feel unloved." and on the back across my shoulders "Team (my sisters name)" below it the word sister and towards the bottom "Stop Bullying!" I wore my shirt all day, including to my work and spread the word about stopping bullies. I may live four states away from my sister, but I am doing everything in my power to let her know she is not alone and I am taking a stance for her. I am currently working on making more shirts for friends and family who want to help spread the word. My dream is for bullying to be illegal nationally. So the world can be a safer place for everyone to live. I love my sister and I will do anything I can to help stop bullying! Just like my shirt says, no one should feel unloved!

By: Courtney

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