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More People Will Get Hurt

Posted: 5/3/2011

I was bullied in Elementary and Middle School. I'm a junior in high school now and while it's gotten better, it's still there in one way or another. In middle school, I'd be publicly humiliated-they'd pull my hair or pull down my pants to see my underwear, they'd threaten me and make fun of me when I backed out...they'd shove me against lockers and I was jumped in the hallway in 7th grade. Two girls just kept beating me up and wouldn't stop-other kids would just stand, watch, and laugh... they'd take my books and throw them in the hall, they would break into my locker and take my things...they even broke into my gym locker and took my clothes.

I was boo-ed at when I won an award and I was pushed down the stairs or in the hall or off the stage.

In high school, it's more verbal. People say the worst things imaginable. They criticize, they harass, they humiliate you. But whether it's physical or not, it's hurtful and wrong. We have to stop this before it gets worse. The people behind us will just continue if we don't end it NOW. Bullying is serious-we should stand together to stop it or more and more people will get hurt.

Rock on!!!  ~Peace and Love~

By: Amanda



If you see or hear someone being harassed, try to get them out of the situation. Ask them to come sit with you, distract the person doing the bullying, you can make a difference.
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