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My Best Friend Did Not Deserve This!

Posted: 5/3/2011

This is my personal experience with bullying. It is the story of my best friend.

Well today at school, my best friend was bullied really badly. He has always been bullied ever since we were little (we are in 8th grade now)! Most of the boys make fun of him and call him "gay". They make fun of him because he hangs out with the girls (like me)! My best friend is bullied so much that he gets counseling!!! Today one boy (who is known for being bad and I think he is a juvenile delinquent) made fun of my best friend by telling him how gay he was and then he.....well let’s just say he made it look like he was doing something that is really inappropriate!!!!! Anyway, I unfortunately was not in this class so I couldn’t stand up for him like I would normally do!!!! I was in my music class but after that class we all go to recess/lunch and that was when my other friend told me what happened and told me that he was in the front office crying so hard that he couldn’t talk!!! They had to call his mom to come get him!!!! I don’t even think they did any discipline to the bully!!! at least they haven’t yet!!!! I think he should be suspended!!! At lunch the bully was going around telling all the boys what he had done, in other words he was bragging about it!!! The sad part is I don’t even think that he is sorry!!!! My best friend did not deserve this!! He is a really nice person!!! I don’t know what to do!!!! All I ever do is stand up for him but this time I wasn’t around to help him!!!!!! I don’t know how to make him feel better!!!!!!!!!!

I believe bullying is wrong and that the world should hear his story and see how bad an effect bullying has on kids!!!!!

By: Casey

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