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mackey’s bullying video

Posted: 5/20/2013

Well, I guess you could say it started for me in the 4th grade when some students started what was a game called the mackey touch that spread like wild fire and if you were touched by me or had to sit next to me you might get this disease that was like getting cooties. I tried to ignore it like my mom said but it really never stopped they just continued to come up with new things to say or call me like ugly or fat and when I would get upset and say something I would get told I had anger issues and to watch out for me. Well I again told my mom and she told my teacher and the principal came in and talked to the students in my class and it helped for a little while.

Then the new school year started and I was excited to go to the 5th grade a new teacher and I just knew that things would be different, but they weren't it didn't take long about a month and the names started again, the mackey touch was back and now I was getting really tired of it and I felt like no one cared and was tired of hearing that it is just a part of growing up and to basically get over it. Finally after I found out that my classmates were texting and emailing things about me like I was now anorexic and that I stick my finger down my throat (who does that? Gross) I was done with just taking it and decided to make a video to tell people about the effects of bullying and why it has to stop.

It has been a little over a month now and I still haven't backed down from my bullies I have talked about it to the local new station, I have had an article written and published in the local newspaper, and I have hosted an anti-bully day at my school where students wore pink and signed a banner to pledge to stand up to bullying and help me stop it. I feel like this is something that shouldn't just be hidden and everyone needs to know that it is affecting people of all ages from elementary school to adults and we need to have it stopped.

I hope you watch my video and you to have the courage to stand up and speak out about what you are going through.

your friend


By: Mackey

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