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Posted: 5/22/2013

Dear PACER Organization,

My name is Anthony and my group members are Jonathan, Jacy, and Joel. My group and I feel that bullying is a very important issue to be dealing with and we feel that it should be stopped.

We feel that this issue is hurting many students who are bullied and it only motivates the bully to keep bullying. My group and I are presenting these ideas to your organization because we feel that you guys should be aware of what we are doing to raise awareness for this issue. This way it is not continued by any further people yet it becomes an important idea to people that young children should not be bullied. My group and I are against the idea of young children being bullied. We are trying to raise awareness to stop this issue so it is not continued by anyone who has the motive to bully a young child.

We presented a speech to our School Safety Committee and developed ideas to address the issue. We thought a symbol such as a shield can be used and we can split the shield into four to have students fill in each section. These sections can include the definition of bullying, an example of how to handle a bully, etc.

Also, we love the idea of a pledge to take or sign. It could be similar to a school bill of rights or Constitution.

Lastly, our school has thought of an idea of having students create a brick to be placed throughout the hallways as a reminder of how to treat others not only in school but of school.



By: Anthony

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