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I Can Not Breathe

Posted: 5/29/2013

In a class all scoff at me. They call me fat, giantess, a black girl, and all because I was a little darker than everyone in the class. They hate me! Yaubegayu from school in tears. I am very tired of it! I'm tired of crying into my pillow every day.

I have been best friends, but this year there were brand new, they put them up against me, I find it hard to realize that I'm disgusted with all, no one wants to talk to me! They just go by and everyone laughs at me. Our class is divided into two groups: ellita and outcasts. So I'm an outcast. Those people who were once friends, they are also being bullied. They're bullied. They tore my clothes. They stain my clothes. I'm tired!

One day, when all the lessons I have ended, as always went down to the locker room, they were all there, they were holding balloons with paint and water, I do not know where they got them, and that's when I went, they began to throw balls and then poured paint on me, then at my coat and shoes. They were laughing. I still remember that day.

I cried. Me and now it hurts to remember. What a lack of respect?!

Sometimes you want to break up about something, such as glass. Sometimes I want to die. I can not breathe in this dirty world. In their words that bring me pain. It hurts!" I don't like the world right now, but I need help"

By: Anya - From Russia

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