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Nobody Cared for or Cared About

Posted: 5/29/2013

When I was much younger I was bullied, left standing on own in the playground, the girl with no friends that nobody cared for or cared about. The girls used to laugh at me and take my friends away when I was with them so I would be on my own all the time.

One of my 'friends' started making up stories in year 6 came out with that she only said this cause I was bullying her, everyone believed her and I was hated and had no friends at all. I was the bully apparently when I had done nothing at all.

Then to make things worse the girl who used to be the ‘head’ bully when I was younger (in year 2) started saying that I was also bullying her ... I begged to my ‘friends’ that I didn't do anything wrong but they were all calling me names I didn't want to go to school ever again after that my life had been wrecked forever.

I got called fat, ugly, the one who ate all the pies and a bully even by my own brothers. My teacher sat us down for weeks, we were pulled out of all our lessons to sort it out but I had lost all my trust after that and said I don't ever want to be friends with you again, and they started to say sorry .

Once proven I was right and I didn't bully her once she had admitted it everyone started to say sorry and act like my best friend again. In the end we all became friends again and still see each other 2 years down the line. To this day I wish it had never happened but I was fortunate and we all made up, but the bully from my younger years I have no wish nor plans nor want to talk to her again and I haven't done so.

I just wish this would never happen to a innocent girl or innocent boy again. Even to this day im left out or called names but i have grown stronger and deal with it better but I have gone to the extreme of cutting but have sorta stopped now. I have found friends that I trust. But I never want this to ever happen to my cousins or any of my family because its horrible, I had never cried so much in my life and even to this day I still believe everything they called me is true and that I am fat and ugly etc.

No boy or Girl no matter what age, religion, race or skin colour, everyone is EQUAL NO MATTER WHAT! and what my nan said to me was "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me".

If you read this and you are being bullied then think of this and stick up for yourself and I hope it goes right for you in the end out there somewhere is someone that cares and loves you you just have to find them and find yourself because deep down you are a strong person than you think.

By: Leah

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