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The Haze

Posted: 6/11/2013

Here's a poem, it's not perfect but its my experience from battling post traumatic stress.

There’s a haze, it begins to form
Growing stronger and stronger
Everyday I continue to feel more alone

My mind gets fuzzy, thoughts and ideas
They are nowhere in site
Motivation to get out of bed is even outside the lines

I sit down in a desk, focus being the key
Little did i know, an interruption bombards me
At the edge of my seat I try to hold on

The flashbacks overcome me
Hands shaking, heart racing
It’s survival of the fittest

So who’s it going to be?
Weak in the knees, barely holding on by a thread
Numbness consumes me

Now my mind drifts away
It’s somewhere dark and all alone
A place where thoughts of the unthinkable become known

Is anyone out there?
Everything I feel, everything I think
Just tell me it’s okay

Who have I become, how did I get here?
This sadness is taking me down a deep, unending path
Someone please rescue me from this haze

Before I disappear

By: Denise

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