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Words Hurt

Posted: 5/10/2011

I was made fun of at school and online just because I liked Radio Disney. People would post horrible things on my FaceBook. One time, I asked someone a question "Who is your favorite singer/band?" and they, knowing that I had sent the message, responded "Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift". I KNEW that they neither liked Justin Bieber nor Taylor Swift; they did it just to make fun of me. In one of my classes, there are two boys that always shouted "I love Disney Channel" whenever they got the chance. For example, I was doing a presentation, and they kept shouting "I love Miley Cyrus" and "Justin Bieber Never Say Never" over and over again. I always hated going to that class. Every time I walked into that classroom, it was like they were killing me slowly with words of hate.

By: Jenny

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