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A Group of Kids

Posted: 6/28/2013

Once when I was in the second grade a girl in my class formed a group that would make fun of me and my friends they used to call me names like stupid face, bug eyes , wimp, loser and they used to whisper to each other and say that I was useless and that I was not needed in life that group didn’t just make fun of me they made fun of all the girls in my class when they made fun of me I used to feel so rotten inside and feel that no one would understand if I told them so I tried so hard to ignore them but it didn’t help it made it worse I used to cry sometimes at night and used to hope that it would get better it did after I told the teacher.

See that shows a lot of bravery that if you tell someone it will get better trust me.

Hanan's Story

By: Hanan

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