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UNI: Babson College's Summer Entrepreneurship Program

Posted: 7/31/2013

We are a group of young entrepreneurs named UNI. We are a non-profit organization in that we give all our profits to charity. In the case we choose PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. We feel particularly connected to this cause because many of us have been bullied before and have first-hand experience with it.

The purpose of our business is to raise awareness for bullying. We do this by selling certain products. We sell coloring changing water bottles to represent being the change and making a difference. We also sell pencils which say “Erase bullying. Write your own story!” and stickers that have our logo on them. Additionally we created a pamphlet that explains our business, outlines some shocking statistics, explains the different types of bullying, and then explains how you can help stop bullying. We thought this would be good to hand out along with the products. One thing that we are really proud of is our bullying awareness video. We created, filmed, and edited the entire thing. We are hoping that this would be a good addition to promoting our cause.

By: Anonymous

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