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I've Changed For The Better

Posted: 8/2/2013

First day of 7th grade there was a new girl. She seemed nice so i became her friend, and soon my little friend group added her to it. But soon after that, about 3 months into the school year she changed.

We all changed.

She wasn't the nice girl we all thought she was anymore, she was telling lies and starting rumors. That same month I was being called worthless and all these names by the 'popular people' and that really had a toll on my social life; my life period.

I was diagnosed with depression later that year and the bullying never stopped. I was still being called these names and feeling this way. I began cutting. I won't get into that very much, but i began seeing a social worker and man did she help. I'll cut this story short; I'm getting better. I still have depression, but it isn't that bad.

During that school year my group of friends left me. But now i'm with a better group. A group that doesn't make me feel like im nothing. I'm talking to people who are feeling how i am, and its really helping.

Some say I've changed in a bad way, But honestly? I've changed for the better, not for the worse. Whenever i see bullying i try to stop it because i know how much it had affected me 2 years ago, but just knowing people are going through that hurts me.

I want to change the world one day, one person at a time. And i plan on doing that. I plan on making at least 40% of bullying around the world stop, but who knows what can happen in the future. That's still far far away.

Thankk (: Xx

By: Jamie

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