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What Makes ME GREAT

Posted: 8/26/2013

My name is Michelle and I completed a Gold Award Project which focused on building up self-esteem in young children. As a secondary focus I also built up the children’s awareness of bullying and places it can occur. My project consisted of working a minimum of 80 hours with two groups of children comprised of 1st to 6th grades in a local counseling center. The program is titled “What Makes ME GREAT”. The goal of this program is to help children understand what it means to have good self-esteem and discover some of the good qualities they possess that they may have been unaware of prior to the program. The grade levels I worked with were 1st through 5th graders. Surprisingly, only three children in a class of 12 second graders knew what self-esteem was and only five children in a group of 13 kids in fourth and fifth grade. I feel that children’s lack of understanding about self-esteem could be one of the reasons some children lack a strong self-esteem. Read more about the project

By: Michelle

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