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Posted: 10/2/2013

The worst years of my life were when I was in school because I had so few friends, and didn’t understand that sometimes just a few great friends is better than a bunch of fake ones. I wanted so hard to be liked by everyone and I wanted to fit in, but I wasn’t good in sports and I wasn’t really good in everything for that matter. People bullied me through out high school and it wasn’t even small pickings either. I was called many names, a lot of the time the r word was the biggest one, picked last for sports because I wasn’t good and the worst was people shoving books and other things out of my hands and kicking them down the hallways often times with another person who would grope me as a joke, (I broke many 3 ring binders and other items in the 3 ring binders because of this and would never tell my mom that other people had done it, only that I had thrown it, which broke it because I didn’t want to have her step in and take over things for me, knowing it would possibly make things worse) just to get a rise out of me.

The best years of my life have just begun with me doing sermons trying to get people in the community to understand that people with disabilities are more likely to get bullied in their life then any other kid, that people look down on them like they have a plague that you can catch, and that just isn’t true. They are beautiful people with huge ginormeous hearts that don't back down from a fight by giving hugs not fighting back. If they can get through what can be one of the worst parts of their life, they can do anything.

By: Jill

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