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Changing A Life, Can Change Yours

Posted: 5/10/2011

After my parents found out I was joining in with others to bully and they had me talk to my brother my mom sat me down to talk more. She told me I was one of the popular kids and among them I was a natural leader and well respected. She told me that was a powerful place to be and I had the ability to influence my friends in another direction. I knew she was right and I stood up for him, talked to my friends about what we were doing and everything changed for that boy. We are now friends and he is now a part of the "in crowd" with me.

I am pretty sure it changed his life but, I know it changed mine. I've seen the power of influence I have with my friends and know others share the same ability.

More kids need to step up and when we do bullying stops. It's important to be a good role model and that starts at home with parents who pay attention and point you in the right direction not just let you keep being a kid. We don't know what we're doing and sometimes we need the adults to point out we're going about it wrong.

I once asked my mom to call the teacher and have me moved because I was seated next to the kid with a disability who constantly frustrated and distracted me. As I complained she said, "He sounds just like your brother and I believe you already have the skills to deal with that." Then she told me I was a natural leader and I was going to have to learn how to deal with all personality types.

She sat with me to trouble shoot my frustrations offered suggestions and I told her what I thought might work. We focused on the other boys strengths. I am gifted and used my strengths to help him and brought out his strengths. She told me to try these things and if in two weeks things weren't better we could switch seats but, I would have to make this request of the teacher, myself. After two weeks she checked in with me and I told her there was no need to move my seat. He doesn't frustrate me anymore and I now kinda like sitting with him and working with him.

More parents should give good advice and help troubleshoot with their kids before jumping the gun.

By: Anonymous

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