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Be Strong! Be Who You Are!

Posted: 10/24/2013

This is my story of bullying and how its has effected my life. It actually started when I first started going to school which means kindergarden. I went to school starting off with a hearing loss which means I wear hearing aids. The kids always laughed at me. They always called me mean names and so I didn't like to come to school from the very beginning. 1st and 2nd grade came around and I wasn't growing like I was suppose to so everyone laughed at me because I was short. They even laughed because I had small ears. By 3rd grade, my grades were going down hill and so my mom and Step-dad packed my 3 brothers, my sister and I and moved 30 miles away. I started school okay but then I started getting bullied again but this time it was physical. I would come home with a bruise on the arm or some cuts on the legs; My mom would ask me what happened and I would say that I fell. At this time, Bullying wasn't a huge problem so if I would've gone to the teachers they wouldn't have done anything. But then my mom started getting suspicious and actually watched me during my recess one day and saw the person hurt me! That made my mom really mad. By then I was already in my 2nd year of school there so I was in 5th grade. I remember one day in Phy Ed, I had actually made myself faint because I couldn't run anymore but I didn't want to get laughed at so I kept running. So grades were still low so my whole family move another 15 miles. I started middle school in 6th grade. I remember being so scared because the school was huge. By 6th grade the bullying had gotten so bad that I now have depression and severe anxiety. 6th grade I had gotten my first boyfriend but it turned out he was dared to date me so I was sad for little bit. 7th grade came around and things looked like it could get better! I had made High Honors the whole year! Then 8th grade. Gosh this was the 2nd worst year yet! I failed 4 of my classes! I had gotten 3 detentions. I was never doing my homework. I failed mentally. I was never a bad kid until then. Everything was falling apart my mom and Step-dad got divorced. I had 2 surgeries on my back that year. And I also found out I have migraines! I missed a lot of school but when I was there; I was either in Trouble or not doing anything. I did pass 8th grade with a C average. Then 9th grade [high school] (my current school year) This is the worst year yet! I am failing every class, because I am afraid to look up. I think that I will see people laughing at me! When I walk through the halls; I put my music in and I just zone out! I don't like lunch because I'm afraid to eat in front of people. I don't raise my hand because I think that I'm so stupid that even my questions are stupid. I wanted to give up on life. But then I think to myself. How would my family feel? I have tried to commit suicide but every time I think of my baby sister, and my baby brother! They are seriously the only thing keeping me alive! So I been bullied so much that it has effected me physically and mentally! Bullying is truly not cool! People do give up their life's because they feel like they are unwanted. I pledge to help stop bullying! Its something no one should ever EVER have to deal with! Tips for others..... Be strong! Be who you are! Don't let society change the true you thats inside!

By: Jasmine

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