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Posted: 12/11/2013

So my name is Julie. I am 16 I have been bullied all my life, since kindergarten, back then it was not so bad you know the haha you can’t spell red and yes I could not spell it (later to be found out at 16 I have dyslexia).

But I want to say once I hit second grade it got really bad. Like kids were hurting me they were hitting me pulling me off play set and using me. They used me to get things they wanted. At the time, tic tacs were big thing in my school, there was this girl in my class who had to take the elevator every day and she said if I got her tic tacs I could ride with her the rest of the year. Well, that never happened.

By the time fourth grade came round my mom say how bad things were for me and since she was homeschooling my brothers she pulled me from public school and I am now homeschooled. I still have problems with bullying and my escape is by watching PLL. The shows help me just go off into my own world which I needed at the time (this was at 14 or 15 I can’t remember) I am now out of the world but still love to keep up with the show.

But you know what has helped me more than that through all I went through in school there was one person who was there for me. My best friend. She was the only one who liked me for me. She has been the one without even knowing it stopped me from killing myself, because if there is one person who cares for me I don't care how many hate me.

I want people to know that no matter how many people say no one cares about them those people are wrong.

You want to know why? Well because I care about you.

I may not know you but I care about all the people on this earth no matter what you look like.

So just remember I care and I bet so do other people.

By: Julie

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