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Everyone Belongs Here

Posted: 1/7/2014

Okay so I don't even know where to begin. Bullying is a huge thing to me and I hope I can one day reduce it to the point where it's not noticeable and almost gone for good. I have basically been bullied my whole life since preschool and I'm now a senior in highschool. It makes me so upset when people try and justify their mean words or actions. I've seen how it can effect people. From eating disorders to self harm and even sometimes to taking themselves out of this world. It makes me so sad that anyone goes through that. I'm lucky. I'm strong and the worst I've gone through is crying myself to sleep. Although other things have crossed my mind I had the strength to refrain from it and it makes me so sad that some people are broken down so much that they feel worthless. I believe everyone a beautiful. Every single person. And worth so much. And that everyone belongs here and that's why bullying angers me so much because they make people feel like those statements are false and like they don't belong here but everyone belongs here. Our hearts wouldn't be beating if we didn't belong here. And that's in essence my opinion on bullying. And what I'm doing to prevent it is that I have an account on Instagram that's anti-bullying and I post uplifting pictures and quotes and offer advice and love to anyone who needs it and whenever I see bullying I try and give them the perspective of how wrong it is.

By: Hannah

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