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Posted: 1/8/2014

It all started in the 6th grade when i shaved my head for kid's with cancer. Because i dressed like more like a guy then I did like a girl. Everyone kept calling me a man or they would call me a dyke or a lesbian. At the time i hadn't realized that i actually was. I also shaved my head in the seventh grade for the same cause. While my friends got all the good recognition for it I got all of the bullying. No body knew what i was going through. I didn't tell any of my friends that i had started self harming. I started the end of my sixth grade year. At first it was only one or two but then it turned into more. My 8th grade year the bullying had gotten so much worse. Everyone kept asking me what i was doing in the girls locker room and why i went in the girls bathroom. I hated almost everyone at my school because i got crap from everyone. I didn't want to be there anymore. Everyone would say ohhh look its the girl who cuts herself, ohh look its the girl who is suicidal. I got sick of it so that year i tried to overdose. My friend got there in time and made me throw up the pills. I didn't want to go back to school. After that so many more people started making fun of me. I had one friend and even she made fun of me at times about me being gay. Once i got to be a freshman i started standing up for myself and tried to not let anyone get to me. I still self harm to this day but im not as bad about it. The bullying still happens and it hits me hard still but i've learned to not listen to what people say to me. I've started to help other people and its helped me as well.

By: Zoie

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