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I Became My Own Hero

Posted: 1/28/2014

In my time of getting bullied, I contemplated suicide in more ways than one. I felt as though I was nothing at all but a waist of space. I was beaten, hated, and ridiculed just because I looked a little different from most kids my age. I would retreat to my room and reach under my bed and ,grab a knife or some type of sharp object. I remember putting it to my wrist, wanting to do it but I just couldn't for some odd reason. One day my mother had me come home and listen to a few instrumentals. She asked me "Do you want to go freestyle to one?" I didn't know what happened to the me on the inside. I felt brand new. I was happy and no one could stop this felling. It was like I was a super hero. Like Spider-Man or The Hulk I felt amazing. I started thinking about what I was told for so long and used those words as strength to try and draw power from. and get inspired off me because all my life I was told and taught I was nothing and now I'm something I proved them wrong I became my own hero. RobenX. I want to be yours as well. My super power is music and I want to use it for good to save you as it saved me.

By: RobenX

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