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The Dark Won’t Just Disappear

Posted: 3/11/2014

Are we really in this constant internal struggle?
Where we hate ourselves
And we kill our brothers?
Acting like were animals
Taken each other
just to
Kindle more candles
And shame our mothers

It's the bullies at school
Even other countries
One day it's an April Fools!
Next: we don't agree
And all a sudden
We got bombs goin off
at all degrees

We still hangin on to our yes's please?
Throwing our trash in the right place or just debating about being free?

Not even that
We just got girls and boys on TV
Kids growin up, dreams of wanna Bs

Are lyrics the tissues soaking up our tears?
Where's mom where's dad?
Fears on-top of fears
More impressive then the pyramids
If you count the years
It's been long enough
We should know how to treat our peers.

Now Believe me I've seen it, Since I wasn't even a teen yet, I mean it

To Every bully and bullied
I declare: Be Aware
Dont be scared,
it's the snickers and sneers that got us here But persevere, And be sincere I promise this ain't the final tier

Cause starting this year
we quit whispering into ears
Start showing up at Poetry SLAMS for more than cheers or dough We've seen the Facebook posts!
But Rosa Park didn't TALK about sitten in front row!

I know! we don't have to wait for more dyin just do what I'm tryin-

So lets Be out there
Don't let the opportunity go like the polar bear Compliment someone on their shoes or their beautiful handsome hair Instead of what's easy Hate never got us anywhere

Don't have to be perFECT
Just don't let evil go unchECKED
Spread the seeds of love, give each other warm hugs, and watch us grow-greenhouse eFFECT

Most of all remember-
Feels good to be volunteers

So please please Stop- drinking beers
when you wake up
The dark won't just disappear.

By: Lauren

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