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Use Your Words for Good

Posted: 3/20/2014

i am a 14 year old girl who is 100% against bullying. I was bullied my whole life. I never had a friend. It started in 4th grade when i was walking down the hallway and they called me a pig. They told me i looked like one too. Then in 5th grade, my mother made me wear skirts to school and everyone else wore pants. People looked at me as i walked down the hallway with disgust on their face. I would hear little laughs as i walked past them. I never knew what was happening to me until 6th grade. I didn't look like the other girls and i wasn't the skinniest either. My classmates would take votes on if they wanted me there or not. They would send me mean notes during class. At lunch i sat down at a table with them and they all got up and went to the other table behind them. When i went over to that table they all got up again and moved back to the table there were just at. I ate lunch alone that day. My classmates wouldn't even let me use the restroom at school because they told me i didn't look like a girl. I had to wait till i got home everyday just to use the bathroom. At the end of the school year, two girls wrote me note, i threw it away but they dug it out of the trashcan and read it ti me out loud, in front of everyone. The note said that i would be better off dead and nobody likes me. After they read it they asked me if i believed them when they said that nobody liked me. I didn't say anything back. They went around the whole entire school asking everybody if they were my friend. When everyone said no, they came back and said " See nobody does like you." and walked into the classroom. That day was the first day i cried at school. The end of 6th grade, i walked out of there with no self confidence what so ever. They had taken everything away from me. But even today, i am in 9th grade and i am too scared to go out to eat because i am afraid that someone will say something to me. I became afraid of the world, of society and that hasn't changed since. I want people to know how much pain you can cause someone just by a single word. I hope no one gets treated less than they deserve. Nobody deserves to be an outcast. Everyone deserves to be loved and i hope one day that happens. My dream is to make a difference in the world. To show people love and happiness. I had to survive and i was only a child.

I want to make a difference in this world. Nothing would give me more happiness. I want to show people how to use their words for good. Just smiling at someone could save a persons life. But i will do more than smile. i am going to use my words for good so that nobody has to feel the way i feel. So that nobody has to feel that type of pain. That's my dream.

By: Megan

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