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Posted: 4/25/2014

Do I define myself?
Or does society?
Shall I believe the hate?
Shall I let out the tears that make a painful pool inside my mind or will society tell me to “Get over it”.
Shall I fight back to let the anger out that builds up inside my soul or will society call me a B* tch.
Shall I wear makeup to cover up the flaws that make me look in the mirror and see a monster or will society call me fake.
Shall I eat to fill the hole inside my heart or will society call me fat.
Shall I choose to love myself for who I am and not for whom I desire to be or will society call me self-absorbed.
For now society wins this on going battle.
I only hold dark thoughts that slip me into a hate induced coma.
Sure, I have my good moments, but the stress and hate and thirst for society’s acceptance eat me alive.
Because of society.
Because of the way you make me feel.
Because of you.

I hate myself.

By: Bella

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