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Posted: 5/22/2014

This is my story about bullying. It started when I was in 5th grade after my first talent show when I said at the being that I sing this song for my mom who had lost a lot that year. I didn’t think that by saying that it would trigger teasing from a boy I thought was my friend. Non-stop it was ‘ why did you say that’ or ‘ the song you sang was so dumb’. I didn’t know what bullying was than nor did I really care. It wasn’t till the end of my 5th grade year that the whole time I was being bullied by this boy, I was so hurt. When I stared 6th grade I was called names and pushed around in the hall but I never really thought of it as bullying . I always tried to be nice to people because I thought if I was nice they would be nice back, I was wrong. The name calling got worse till the point I didn’t want to go to school. In 7th grade I was still being called names and even my friends were being called names because of me. I didn’t want too bring them into my problems but they didn’t drop me like I wanted them to it made me want to cry. I got dirty looks everyday and was even called names at my bus. I always thought a school was a safe place were a student could be safe and have someone to look to when things got bad. At one point in 7th grade I got a pair of nice boots from my adopted sister Amber. I wore them a lot because I loved them. One day I was walking down the hall-way when a girl stepped on the heel and tore it clean off, I cried so hard for a long time because I didn’t know why she did that, I know she was one of the girls that bullied me but I still don’t know why she would trip me. I walked around school trying to be strong and not cry my eyes out. I had to limp a little to make it look like nothing was wrong but I think everyone saw right through me and my act. After that I wore black and called myself goth,or emo,or even a punk, because I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I got sick a lot and missed a lot of school and that got me picked on more because I was known as the ‘Vampire girl’. I was always keeping myself from people and when I tried to act in a sport I never was able to do it because I didn’t want to be picked on more. If things like this never happened to me I would have never started to care so much about bullying. As my 8th grade year started I waned to do more in my school than the school was doing itself. I was put in a class and was asked to do many things about bullying everyone always played it off as a joke and didn’t really bother with it. I started to talk about bullying more and more and when I did a presentation about it, I was called stupid and was told I was worthless and that no one cared about me. I say bullying everywhere I went and it didn’t matter where I was it was always there. At a park, school, pools, library, ect…. I started wearing black less and less to prove a point that I’m not like everyone else and that if you truly are a friend than you would be with me the whole way as I tried to win my goal. I will say that I have said mean things to people to try and hide my tears and my pain and show that I’m strong but in truth I’m about as strong as a fly is. I just want to help the other people that I have seem be bullied by others.

I want to stop bullying as much as everyone and I will do everything in my power to make sure it stops you can always count on me!

By: Autumn

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