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Posted: 7/2/2014

When i was in 2 grade i used to get bullied because if my height and i couldnt run or do things like PE because i was born with a heart mumer it was sad i was born with a diffrent color wish meant i had a problem i wasnt smart nor dome i was good in all subject i will be laught at but friends ( two friend only ) backed me up then it eneded when the kid left the week befor tlhe last week of school.Then in 3rd grade there used to be this kid who was from cube he bullied half the class i was that half he will make us bring him stuff if not he will hit us and do stuff he will say and laugh at u if u liked someone or sometimes he will just tell u have to date him or someone else one assgiment the teacher gave us was what will u like to do when u grow up i thought that kid was playing that he really didnt write that but he did he wrote WHEN I GROW UP I WILL LIKE TO KILL he put my name it hurt me i told the teacher he got in trouble and send to the office then the last day if school came and he didnt come back he when to another school and 4 th grade was awsome my class was like a family but 5 th grade was bad thsi girl got me in trouble called me fat so did her mom do things to me made me and my best friend fight her qnd her mom were bullies she hot me sent to the principlas office treadnt to call the cops on me and did more almost made my teacher loss her job that was sad but no one liked her eveey on else love me hated her they new what she did we were all friends we were family but sh wasnt part of it.

By: Anonymous

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