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For the bullied - you are never alone

Posted: 8/29/2014

I stand alone in a world of exclusion while reality tells me this is no illusion.
Tiny baubles of water form in my eyes and ask myself what have I done to deserve their despise.
They call me names and laugh in my face and tell each other I'm a total disgrace.
Their words hurt and cut to my soul, they make me feel like an under-bridge troll.
I try to be strong and look up to the sky; hoping that someone will hear and understand my cry.

Alone, for no one hears my screams. Alone; with only my hopes and my dreams.
I withdraw into myself - into a world of darkness and despair, a world without color, happiness or prayer.
I'm lost in a deserted darkened orb; my only friend - myself, completely absorbed.
I'm looking for someone to show me the light that will make my life again shiny and bright,
I'm looking for someone to help me chase all my fears, someone to wipe away my endless tears..
Deeper and deeper I slip into depression my mind becoming the bully's possession.
Help me, help me I cry in vain while the bullies continue their hideous game.

And then a light appears in my head - a light of happiness and for once, not dread.
It speaks to me with a voice of silk telling me to release my feelings of guilt.
It tells me I'm like a raindrop falling from a warm spring sky -a kaleidoscope of colors and that I shouldn't worry about the sting of others.
It whispers the beauty I bring to the world should never be lost, forgotten or spoiled. It tells me this beauty lives and thrives in my heart and my soul and should always be cherished and
never fishbowled. And so my eyes begin to open and I finally see that the bullies are no better than me.
Their hate and their envy, are clouds that cover their minds, now my only wish is to remove their blinds.

By: Marty

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