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A Story that Needs to be Told

Posted: 9/15/2014

As a child and student, I suffered the experience of being bullied by other kids. They would call me names, push me around, point out parts of my character that was different than others and make fun of these things with their friends. The verbal abuse from them was constant and painful. I became afraid to do anything. I shied away from taking part in Drama, Dancing at school events, participating in sports, and making friends. It has had an effect on my life as an adult as I feel socially awkward when meeting new people and I have a hard time fumbling for the right words. Yet, the kids weren’t the only part of the bullying process. Adults were nearly as bad, intimidating me with their size, demanding that I do things for their entertainment (Fighting, saying unnecessary phrases to people, or taunting people with racial remarks), and the verbal onslaught from adults was just as bad. It’s one thing to be taunted by a student body, but to continue to be taunted when you leave the school? No child should have to face this. No one should be reminded of how stupid they are or how different they may be or how far they will not go in life.

Now, I am watching my own children go through the schools and life. It breaks my heart when I hear that people still behave the way they did when I was a child and I am proud of those people who are fighting to end this ignorance. Despite our differences, should we not all be good people? Shouldn’t we try to aid the fallen? Shouldn’t our spirits be helpful and kind?

My challenge to those who read this… Let people know that they are important. Help them when they are down, even if you don’t get along with them, even if you have to bite your lip and grind through it. Keep things positive with the people you meet and… if you have children, try to never say anything negative to them about their character or how they look. Love each other.

By: Tim

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