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Cool to be Weird

Posted: 9/19/2014

I am a Seattle-based musician and music teacher that specializes in teaching kids to find their identity through their voice, songwriting, and performance. Like many, I was also a victim of bullying as a teen, when I was made to feel different and weird. This song—inspired by Dr. Seuss’ “The Sneetches”— is about embracing our differences, and celebrating our uniqueness.

I remember my father reading Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches and Other Stories to me as I lay on the floor and colored one night for reading time. Reading was always a nightly event. It started when my mother would leave to work the night shift and would go until my brother and I would fall asleep in our crayons.

I thought it would be appropriate to return to this old book from my past once more. I remember I was washing dishes when I thought “wait all these Sneetches are running around trying to fit in, trying to be acceptable, but it’s cool to be different, it’s cool to be weird.” With soapy hands and wet pages I wrote the entire chorus while finishing the dishes:

“You got to be comfortable in your own skin, don’t you let them win, because it’s cool not to fit in, so go a little crazy and don’t you fear, because it’s cool to be weird.”

As a one on one guitar and songwriting teacher to teens and young girls I feel this is an important message for our youth. In the video you will see a number of my students and people of Seattle making a statement that it’s okay to be yourself, it’s cool to be weird!

By: Tai Shan

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