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Dance in This Dream

Posted: 9/25/2014

My name is Sara Stevens. I'm 13 years old, I'm a singer, and I enjoy every bit of life. When I see kids being bullied: whether it's on TV, online or even in person, I want to reach out to the victims and say: "Don't worry. You're not alone. I was bullied too." I was picked on for being too tall, for drawing too much and for singing in the middle of class. I can't help it. I have music inside me and I need to let it out. In the end, the mean words that were thrown at me made me a stronger person and a better performer. I remember one night I couldn't sleep because I was so worried about going to school in the morning. I even cried. I decided then and there I wanted to make singing my life-long career. Some time later, I met a man named John Roberts. He's a music producer in Atlanta. Together, he and I wrote a song called DANCE IN THIS DREAM which was inspired by what I had gone through. I hope with all my heart that this song will touch many lives. It has a powerful message about looking for the positive and overcoming the negative. The most important thing a person can do is to be him or herself. Don't let anything hold you back, take your chance, find your dream and everything is possible!

By: Sara Stevens

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