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I'm Still Here

Posted: 10/9/2014

You're more than worthy. Yes, you feel like your whole world is tumbling down, and your only friend is that blade that you hide. And people say it will get better, you ask yourself if it actually will. Like my friend once told me "It's gunna get darker before it gets brighter." It may take weeks, months, or even years, but it will get better. No matter how much you hate yourself, there will be that one day when you say "gosh, I'm so beautiful" and be proud of it. That's not being conceited, that's being proud of who you are. And if your scars stick around, don't hide them be proud and say "I'm a fighter, I fought and won!" This might be just another one of those where you say "ugh, another person trying to tell me I'm important." Why don't you take this and actually notice that you ARE important! Those people that bring you down aren't worth your tears nor time. "She doesn't understand what I'm going through." I do understand, more than you can imagine. I'm a fighter myself and I'm still fighting. I know how it feels to be different from everyone. To try and explain how you feel and they just stare at you like you're crazy. To have people say they will be there for you but end up leaving in less than a week. To hide a smile just make your parents happy and think that you're okay. I've cut, starved, everything. And I'm still not perfect. Why? Because no one is. Be the winner in the war. And years from now, you can smile proudly to those people that brought you down. "I'm still here. Happy and alive."

By: Anonymous

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