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Everyone is Different in an Extraordinary Way

Posted: 10/9/2014

My name is Daniel and I have Down Syndrome. But I look different than others. Cause, I communicate with others occasionally. Having a Disability helps me understand People and their Social Peer Problems. I grew up in San Angelo, Texas since I was a kid. My folks were stationed in the U.S. Air Force overseas at Ramstein AFB, Germany. That’s where I grew up during my elementary years. I was in Special Olympics since Kindergarten-4th Grade. I was gifted in running and doing accurative activities, like any Gifted Students with Special Needs. During my Middle School years I got teased and bullied, same thing like I did during my elementary years. Kids that young can be cruel and ignorant. I was one of these Kids getting tired getting picked on. Because, I have a disability learning doesn’t mean everyone is different in an extraordinary way. I meet a nice Kid who saved me from the bullies, and he was different than everyone else. His name is Michael and he became my hero. I was tired of getting picked on. Then High School was extremely different. Same thing I was tired of getting tired being intimidated by bullies. During my Sophomore year I learned How to draw and get realistic in Art. I became an Art Student who learned How to Paint and Color. My Junior year I learned how to sing in the Choir and focus on music. I sang Solo like other Boys.

By: Daniel

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