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Sing To The Lost

Posted: 5/13/2011

I decided to send in a poem that I've written. Fortunately I haven't had to endure much bullying in my life so far, probably because I've been home schooled since 6th grade. However I feel that I have a responsibility to support others who are having to deal with bullying. I went to elementary school with a few kids who were tormented on a regular basis, and really wish I had had the confidence and courage to stick up for them. I'm very passionate about writing, and my main goal is to inspire and help others with what I do. For this reason I wanted to send in an original poem about bullying and just pressure in general that everyone seems to go through. If I can inspire even just one person with this, that would amazing.


Sing to the Lost

Beautiful people,
You were not meant to endure these tragedies
Smoke from each fire clouds your memories of joy in the past
Loss and gain,
Hazy days
They will not be all that is left in the end
Miracles of love are working now
You're watching and waiting for a day to be saved
Taken away from the misery forced upon you
Even though you need the most,
You're not asking for much
A stable shoulder,
A steady hand
Anything to keep you from being knocked down once again
Tell the lonely to never stop believing
Sing to the lost and maybe they'll find their way back
Leave your burdens where you found them
They don't need anything else to carry
Catch your doubts before they spread too far
Their hearts don't have room for another scare
Let's pick up our selflessness before we all fall apart

By: Sara

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