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Head High

Posted: 2/23/2015

He walks down the hall with his shoulders hunched,
When his head should be held high.
He keeps his chin down to stay out of sight,
Just trying his best to get by.
Insults fly by his head…horrible and mean,
He looks for help everywhere, but no help can be seen.
He sighs and looks down,
Not a teacher in sight
As dozens of students laugh at his plight.
He just wants a friend, is that too much to ask?
Just a friend to stand by him among this faceless mass.
Suddenly, a yell rings out,
An angry one at that.
Is she mean, kind, friend, or foe?
He looks to where the face is at.
Her face is angry, she steps up,
To yell at everyone else.
He dares to hope…is she on his side?
Will she help him in this fight?
She takes him by the shoulder,
A smile on her face,
Leading him away from the chaos,
And to a safer, kinder place.

By: Sarah Luttrell, 8th Grader

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