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Poems About Bullying

Posted: 4/23/2015

Help At Last
Unity is evident now
With community support against bullying
Schools join forces and persist against violence
Original videos great
Support the need

Help stir harassment reduction
Take the Pledge; Stand up and end mistreatment to all
Resources galore; Web search bully prevention
Petition Governor for aid
City backing

Shelter Me
All practice bully prevention
School protection commitment with youth and parent
Student wellbeing team that educates inclusion
Leaders inspire total respect
Value people

Shield yourself by sticking with friends
Postive self-talk for increase in confidence
Ignore the tyrant; say “whatever”; walk away
Get help from your peeps and adults
Power in Prayer

Approaches to keep others safe
“KIK” the mistreatment with always Keeping It Kind
Do not watch; refuse to join in the harassing
Speak out and stand up for victim
Support; get help

By: Dana

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