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Breaking the Silence

Posted: 4/27/2015

Jess, is the owner of Positively Oakes, a Motherhood and Children’s Lifestyle Blog over at . Here she shares her story and experience of bullying behavior first hand.

“ I remember we were all playing around with cheer stunts and I wanted so badly to be a flyer for fun, I asked and asked and these girls ignored me for a while (common) but finally after they all got a turn, I was heard! I was so excited! I had flown before and knew exactly what to do! The first time we did just a basic stunt and I was feeling pretty good, I nailed it. Then the girls said why don’t you try a harder stunt? So I thought why not, they’re talking to me, they’re encouraging me, I went up and tried to hit this stunt, we tried this a couple of times and then finally I hit it for half a second or so but then came crumbling down. Well the entire point of the bases and the back spot is to catch the flyer, right? Well my bases tried to catch me, but my entire left side fell right through their arms. This wasn’t a big deal, I wasn’t hurt and I knew it was probably an accident, I had made such accidents before as well, it happens! But here is where it took a turn for the worse, and now looking back I realize how incredibly wrong it was, the girls started whispering, things were said, and the worst thing that was said that I could hear was, “she’s too heavy to fly, I could barely hold her up.” My name is Jessica and I was a target of bullying.”

By: Jess

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