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Charly - Everybody's Pretty When They're 18

Posted: 6/9/2015

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You don't know what you want too many choices but you gotta choose one
Can't trust your feet to know which way to turn when the crossroads come

You know sometimes you'll get things wrong but if you want it you've gotta hold on
When they bring you down or leave you out and your whole world crashes down don't you worry Cuz

Everybody's pretty when they're 18
You don't need to think carefully your full of Gonna Be's
And what you touch turns to gold dust
And everything you want is right there
You're gonna look back when your 19
It was so embarrassing and now you know everything
Like how to restart a broken heart when they made you feel like you weren't good enough
But Everybody's pretty, everybody's pretty when they're 18

Insecure, afraid that everybody talks behind your back
Your hair, your clothes they analyze your style like its something you lack
So turn on your heel they ain't gonna steal
All the beauty inside you that you don't see
The day will come
They'll find out they were wrong
So don't forget who you are and who you will become

Ain't nobody perfect
It don't matter how hard you try
All that counts is your heart is on fire
And times gonna show you that
Sticks and stones can strengthen your bones
You were never really alone


By: Charly

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