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A Girl From Belgium

Posted: 5/13/2011


My vision on a girl who is been bullied and want that it stops and this is what she would say. I once wrote this myself. It's about a girl who would rather be invisible. written by me with her words.

Me, I'm tired, "she says. The humiliations, people who mock with people, I do not need them! I, I want to be invisible, no one will notices me then, no problems, no more pain .every time over and over again, year after year, always the same song.

But unfortunately, how invisible you just want to be, how more visible you just become. How hard you try, you stand alone and you have no way out, your back is against the wall. You start every year with good cheer in a classroom but it gets broken.

A woman in high and strong boots can do whatever she wants. A woman so shy and still can’t move anymore, not alone. Sometimes doing things alone are practically impossible. Do something together as a team that makes you strong and convincing that you get to the top, whatever will happen. but still nobody sees you standing. you do not say much.

Afraid of the reactions of others? Absolutely! Afraid of what others think of you, you just give things but you don't take anything in return, you don't dare, you need an adrenaline rush, standing in front the class to say something, you die on that spot, your legs are shaking, altercation in your voice, just Not Normal. AFFRAID is the word. AFFRAID !!!!!!

OR I'm Tired! so tired!

I want that it STOPS for once and for All!


Me! Kristiena Smets from Belgium

By: Kristiena

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